Site Managers

Stinson not only has loyal customers, but also loyal employees who are equally responsible for the growth of Stinson. We pride ourself in having a quality, hard-working, and dedicated team of people. And, we work together as ... a family.

Rick Ryan               Arnprior Manager         Opened in 1987

Since 1984, Rick has been part of the Stinson family.

He began as a truck driver and quickly excelled into a sales position during his first three years with the company.

When the Arnprior station opened in 1987, Rick was naturally promoted to site manager and played a significant role in the opening process.

He has been our reliable dispatcher and manager there ever since.



Carrie Richard        Kemptville Manager      Opened in 1992

Since 1991, Carrie has been a valuable member of the Stinson team.

With the addition of the Country Style restaurant in 1999 came Carrie's relocation to the Kemptville station.

Kemptville continues to thrive - and Carrie's team continues to meet the challenges of this growing community.

As the site manager of this busy station, Carrie is proud of her staff and their many accomplishments.


Jason Wojcik         Pembroke Manager        Opened in 2003


Jason joined Stinson in 1998. He took a brief hiatus, but returned without hesitation in 2003 to become the Pembroke site manager.

His responsibilities have grown to include the convenience store, Country Style, office, and warehouse.

He also manages a fleet of delivery fuel trucks that performing daily deliveries. He and his team make it all work smoothly.