Pro Racing Fuels

PRO Racing Fuels are specially formulated, unleaded racing fuels, designed to release greater power from high performance racing engines. PRO fuels contain a multifunctional lead substitute which puts a tough lubricating film on valves and valve seats.

MARK 1,2,3,4 and 5 are the products of an extensive fuel research program conducted by a team of petroleum chemists and technicians, working in one of the finest research laboratories in North America.

  • GT- 98 - Octane 98; High Performance gasoline for today performance vehicles.
  • Mark 2 - Octane 110; 2 strokes; 4 strokes; high compression; high RPM engines; tested at 14:1.
  • Mark 3 - Octane 110; Cold weather motorsports; Snowmobile racing.
  • Mark 4 - Octane 112; High Compression ratio engines; tested at 15:1.
  • Mark 5 - Octane 114; Ultra high Compression ratio engines; tested at 16:3:1.

This team brings you the technology of these powerful fuels to give you the winning edge. Our manufacturing procedures and quality control program ensures consistent fuel performance batch after batch.

Dyno Work
To ensure validity of dynomometer results, PRO racing fuels have been tested on many dynos throughout Canada and the U.S. Response on the dyno has been excellent. PRO fuels consistently generated more horsepower and torque than any other racing fuels tested.

Track Work
Class winners in various forms of racing have proven that PRO racing fuel creates more power in their engines. These winning racers have found that MARK 2,3,4 and 5 burn cleaner while providing greater torque and horsepower.

PRO racing fuels are the first in North America to answer your demand for a high octane unleaded racing fuel.
NOTE: Does not contain any alcohols. Compatible with all electronic fuel management systems and nitrous oxide.

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Race proven ... street legal.